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ACAExpress.com provides insurance carriers dynamic, essential tools to stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.

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Our solutions bridge the gap between health insurance carriers, their clients, and the Federally Facilitated Marketplace to increase client retention and maximize profitability.

API Integration


Optional integration within your current platform.

Fully HIPAA Compliant


We comply with all applicable federal laws.

Support Focused


Our elite developer support team is there to help when you need it most.

Accessibility For All


Simple, straightforward user interfaces are implemented in all of our solutions providing ease of use for clients and carriers alike.

Full Visibility


Detailed reporting and analytics provide the deep viability to maximize user experience and efficiency.



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Enrollment Made Simple

Subsidy Calculator

Client Management Tools

Not only is our solution blazing fast, we provide an effortless, accessible user experience.

Display policies with subsidies calculated; sell directly to your clients via a fully customizable web portal.

Robust Reporting allows you to track every client from start to finish. In addition, we provide tools that assist the client after the enrollment is complete.

Totally Customizable

Fully custom integration provides a seamless experience that isn't jarring for your clients to navigate.


Mobile Ready

Mobile ready, fully responsive design insures a seamless user experience no matter the viewing device.

Fully Compliant

We comply with all applicable federal laws. Not only is your career safe with us, so is your client’s information.



The Problem:

  • Efficient, easy, and secure payment collection components


  • Seamless integration for your website, no more jarring transitions to interfere with customer experience


  • Processing of credit and debit cards, bank draft, Paypal or Applepay


  • Comprehensive dashboard and export tools

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Clients who enroll in a Qualified Health Plan must pay their first premium to effectuate their policy and maintain coverage. 25% of people who enroll never pay their first premium due to lack of  notification, a jarring transition from carrier site to payment portal, or in some cases, inconvenient, dated , or nonexistent options of payment.


Previously client information was not stored in an easily accessible format, with Mercury that all changes. Health plans can now easily view and access all client information via a fully HIPAA compliant search system. The analytical tools in Mercury are fully customizable and will allow you to search, view, and analyze the big data of your customer base all in one easy to use portal.




• Search for Clients Using ANY Key Information


• Create, Save, and Reuse Custom Visualizations


• Fully Customizable Dynamic Dashboard


• High-Level Reporting & Drill Down Diagnostics


• Custom Time Frame Searching


• Service Consumers and Agents


• Real Time, Advanced Analytics


• 40+ Pre-Made Visualizations


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95% of people enrolled in on exchange health plans are eligible for  re-enrollment in the plan they purchased the year before. Automatic renewal can often confuse clients as their subsidies have the potential change every year as new plans become available creating client dissatisfaction due to extreme price changes. Our solution provides an easy to use system for your clients to renew their coverage, giving them the ability to shop available crosswalk plans, with subsidies calculated, for the enrollment period or simply stick with their current plan.


Manage enrollee communication for renewal

Mass email tools for efficient management of outgoing email

Presentation of crosswalk plans and one-click renewal

Comprehensive dashboard and export tools

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