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Founded in 2014 as a certified Web-Broker Entity(WBE), has to date successfully enrolled in excess of half a million individuals for health insurance coverage through it’s technology. The company has quickly risen to be a leader within the health insurance technology space with current offerings to agents and health plans. In addition to its services division which allows the company to build solutions to spec, it currently provides direct enrollment, customer service, premium payment solutions, 834 reconciliation & 834 real time analytic products.


Simply put,, provides simple solutions to big problems while making sure the technology doesn’t get in the way.


Our Team :

Kenny D. West

Chris Linville

Don Archer

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Technical Officer

What our Clients Think:

“Enrollment....Quick. Application.....Easy. Customer service.....Amazing! This product allows for more applications to be done in a short amount of time and the addition of the ELIGIBILITY letter and missing paperwork ...WOW “


Jamal Compton,

    The Whitbrook Group


“I had some unexpected issues getting started due to problems with my past WBE. Not only did the ACAExpress staff make sure I was up and going quick when that other solution went down, they even helped me clean up the data that was messed up by the other company. I call that incredible customer service. ACAExpress does just what I needed. It enrolls clients quickly in addition to helping me manage my clients”


Lynn Masaw,

    Insurance For You

 “When we started using ACA Express it dramatically increased our productivity. We were initially going through, but soon realized their site was slowing down how many enrollments each agent could process in a day. We tried a few other 3rd party platforms with some success but nothing like what we experienced with ACA Express. Our productivity. Increased by approximately 10x. It's easy to use. Quick. I can't say enough about the customer support. The few times we've ever needed them they have been right there!”


Toby Duncan,

    Action Benefit Plans


” I have now used ACAExpress for three annual enrollment periods. Given the challenge of dealing with a government agency - CMS and - they have succeeded in making agent enrollment possible. The system is intuitive to use, and it is stream lined allowing for an enrollment in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. They have earned a Five Star rating in my book.”


Ted Schmidt,

    Ted Schmidt & Associates


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